About Us

RiskMathics Financial Innovation, S.C. is a new Partnership, headquartered in Mexico City, that offers high quality Courses, Consulting and Research in the fields of Risk Management, Derivatives Products and other sectors of Quantitative Finances. The only one of its kind in Mexico, RiskMathics was founded with a new and clear vision of the requirements and abilities that individuals, which actively participate in the financial markets, must count with, and at the same time with the new cumulus of knowledge that the academics, oriented in this field, must acknowledged.


RiskMathics started operating on September 1, 2005 with the first course in an open way: Curso de Riesgo de Crédito…”Un Nuevo Enfoque”® (Credit Risk Course... “A New Approach”), which reunited great experts of the corresponding fields in Mexico and worldwide.


RiskMathics, was founded by Dr. Wojciech Szatzschneider, professor and researcher of the Anahuac University and Allan Barush, while he was working in MexDer, the Mexican Derivatives Exchange.


With great alliances in México and all around the world, RiskMathics is pioneer in Mexico in the incentivation and promotion of the forefront financial culture. With a clear action plan and development, RiskMathics maintains close relationships with great authorities of the financial research field thus, achieving a solid base of Human Capital to carry out Courses, Conventions, Seminars and Consultancies worldwide.


Mission: Promote the latest advances and innovations that occur worldwide in the fields of Quantitative Finance, Risk Management and Derivatives Products in Mexico and Latinamerica, and henceforth incentivize the research and development of problem solving inherent to the daily activities of Traders, Treasurers, Funds Managers, etc.